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My massage therapy career has spanned decades. In that time I have changed and my approach to massage has changed.

I strongly believe that we do not need to endure pain in order to make our body feel better. In fact, I have experienced light techniques producing better results faster that were longer lasting than the deepest work I have ever done.

I take a brain-centered approach to movement and massage. Our brain controls everything; our heart rate, our pain, our movement, our emotions. And all of those things are wrapped up into how our bodies move and feel.

Our body is incredibly smart. It creates protections with our muscles and movements so we don't break. It creates pain sensations as a means to let us know something is needing our attention. I take all this into consideration when addressing your specific pains.


My methods

manual therapy

Manual therapy looks at how the brain is communicating with the body and helps to improve any blurry spots in that communication. Movement and hands on therapy

craniosacral therapy

This therapy is designed to alleviate pressures on the meninges of the brain allowing for full communication through the entire spinal cord.

massage therapy

A passive treatment designed to regulate the nervous system in a gentle way. Your comfort is of the utmost importance and your session will be led by that.


Utilizes the nerves in the bottom of the foot as well as Chinese meridians to support the body's natural ability to heal. This technique is incredibly relaxing


I'm a lifelong learner


Center of Advanced Therapeutics

Massage Therapy certification

The Soma Institute

Clinical Massage Therapy degree


Reflexology & Advanced Reflexology, SOHMAR, 2010

Massage for the Childbearing Years, Kate Jordan Seminars, 2010

Infant Massage Educator, Infant Massage USA, 2014

NKT Level 3 practitioner, Neurokinetic Therapy, 2017

Craniosacral Therapy, Adaptable Polarity, 2019

R-Phase Practitioner, Z Health, 2021

Other Notable Education

Missy Bunch mentorship

MovementRev, Anna Hartmann

Nervvy, Marissa Macias


Original Strength

Integrated Learning Strategies

Lymph Mojo, Stop Chasing Pain, Dr. Perry Nickelston

Kinesiotaping, RockTape

Have any questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.