Your body is amazing!

If you don’t currently agree with that statement and want to then take my hand. Let’s go!

Licensed Massage Therapist, Holistic Health Coach

Laura Pagel-Straton, LMT, HHC

I’m so happy you’re here and that you’re ready. You’re ready to go from feeling helpless with your pain and shifting to having confidence in moving your body. We are in this together, and I’m ready to help you feel good in the body you have.

How May I Help You?

Bodywork is how I can help you.

Manual Therapy

In this technique we work together to find what in your body needs release and what needs strength.


My massage services are dedicated to relaxation and include a bit of reflexology and craniosacral therapy. This is not deep tissue massage.

Pregnancy & Post Partum

I specialize in massage for pregnancy and post partum. I also offer group and private online infant massage classes.

Work With Me

Working with me will guarantee you leave with actionable, easy to implement tools to help yourself long after our session has ended. My greatest accomplishment is knowing that you feel confident being able to care for your body.

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