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Become an Anxiety Warrior

Confidently handle all the anxious moments that may arise.

Each of these tools can be used in any setting. You don’t even have to worry about explaining what you are doing to anyone. They are great for everyone and simple to teach to anyone, even children! Practice them so you have them as resources when you need them.

Near/Far Gaze

This exercise is super easy and requires minimal tools: something close to you and something far away.

  1. Choose your close object. This can be your thumb, a pen, or something else.
  2. Choose your far object. Again, anything farther away in the room or outside is great, a picture, tree, doorknob, anything goes.
  3. Hold your close object readingish distance away.
  4. Alternate between looking at the close object and the far away object, about 5-20 times
  5. Check in and see how your are feeling
Bonus: Allow the objects to come into clear focus with each gaze to help improve your eyesight!

Physiological Sigh

This technique is so easy you will be pleasantly surprised. Check out this video that has been saved over 2,500 times!

  1. Take a regular inhale through your nose.
  2. Immediately follow it by a short inhale
  3. Take a long exhale out your nose or mouth
  4. Do this three times and see how your body is feeling.

Bonus Tools

I love this tool so much I had to include it! This video saved me so many times from the Sunday Night Scaries (or any night). This one is so good for those nights when you go to bed and feel the anxiety start to creep in.

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