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Manual Therapy

90 minute consultation $90 Manual Therapy starts with a 90 minute consultation. We go over your health history including any accidents, injuries, and surgeries you may have had. We then move into any assessments before starting treatments and movements that are appropriate for YOUR body.

60 minute follow-up $75 Manual therapy follow-up sessions are 60 minutes. There is no set amount of sessions for each injury as it is completely dependent on your body, the issue you are coming in for, and your commitment to feeling better.

Massage Therapy

45 minute $55

60 minute $85

75 minute $90

Signature Treatment: Relaxation Session This 75 minute treatment features massage, reflexology, and craniosacral therapy for the ultimate passive nervous system release.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy is an interactive approach to handling pain. You are clothed and move around for this type of work. We work as a team to find what movements, manual releases, self care techniques work best for you. You always leave with tools to continue your care at home

What about massage?

I offer traditional relaxation massage with a spin. The whole focus of a massage from me is to allow yourself a moment of peace in a safe and supported environment. I utilize techniques that are designed to relax the nervous system.

Do you offer Deep Tissue Massage?

No. For most people deep tissue equal deep pressure. Deep pressure is not always affecting deep layers of the tissue and can often be counterintuitive to long term relief. I have found that lighter techniques can create longer lasting and immediate changes without having to feel beat up after.

Is Manual Therapy relaxing?

Yes! Relaxation does not have to be a passive experience. In fact, when we focus on the brain and the nervous system we can illicit a long term relaxing feeling. In other words, when your body no longer feels like it’s in protection mode, the whole system relaxes. Remember, nothing in the body works alone

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