Pregnancy & Beyond

Pregnancy Massage

Massage is a great tool to use during pregnancy to help manage the changes that occur in your body. Massage can help alleviate some of the discomfort from the growing baby, calm the mind and nervous system, and alleviate some of the swelling that can occur.

Earlier in pregnancy we work on alleviating aches and pains while also discussing actionable tools that you can implement at home between sessions. During that final 4-6 weeks of pregnancy, our focus shifts to a much more restorative session helping to quiet the nervous system and bring you a state of calm.

45 minute session: $60 60 minute session: $85

Post Partum Massage

Massage after pregnancy is just as important if not more important to receive. Pregnancy and post partum stages can be rather intense on the body and mind, even when everything goes as smoothly as possible. There is so much change that happens to our bodies, to our emotions, to our minds, to our lives in those days, weeks, months, years after becoming pregnant.

Our focus during the early stages of this time is to create comfort. We will work on toning down the nervous system and relieving some of the achiness that comes with feeding baby. We will also look at some education into paying attention to positioning when holding baby.  Babies are always welcome.

After those first few months, we will start to add in more support. We will start to look at how the body is responding after the big hormone shifts have settled some.  We will address how to handle the growing child and the changes that have occurred in life. Another tone down to the nervous system will take place.

Moving forward from that, we will address any other areas of concerns while continuing to focus on comfort and support.

45 minute session: $65 60 minute session: $85

Infant Massage Instruction

There are four main categories that we use to talk about infant massage: stimulation, relaxation, relief, and interaction. Infant massage nurtures the interactions between parents and baby. It fosters the parent-child bond and is often baby’s first experience with bodily autonomy. Infant massage is relaxing for baby and helps to regulate the nervous system. It also helps relieve the discomfort of gas, constipation, and congestion. Plus, infant massage helps stimulate growth in baby by improving muscle tone and joint mobility as well as increasing brain development.

INFANT MASSAGE HAS GONE VIRTUAL!!!! And let me tell you, it’s been almost better than in person sessions. Babies seem to be calmer when they are stay in the environment they are comfortable with. The learning process goes a bit smoother and allows the parents the opportunity to participate together and to see how to integrate this information into day to day routines.

5 week series: $40