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My professional journey in massage therapy started in 1999 when I attended The Center for Advanced Therapeutics in Denver, CO. Since I love doing things twice, I ended up back in school at The Soma Institute in Chicago, IL in 2006. Graduating from two different schools was by far the best decision I could have made for myself. Since then, I have gone on to study Reflexology at the School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology, Massage for the Childbearing Years with Kate Jordan, among others.
In 2015, I took a leap and started learning more about how the brain and body connection was so vital to our being. That’s where the rest of my story starts.

My Passion

I spent many years in different facets of massage therapy from salons and spas to chiropractic and physical therapy offices. I enjoyed working with people and teaching them a little about their bodies but always felt like something was missing. I felt like I was not doing right by my clients when they would return with the same pain. I felt like suggesting to someone to remove something from their life (some that they couldn’t change) wasn’t the best answer.

In 2015 I started learning about brain-based approaches to musculoskeletal pain and issues. I took a deep dive into the spinal cord and nerves as well as brain functions. I was in over my head but I was hooked!

Since then, my focus has been more on learning how changes in the brain are the ultimate relief strategies and long term strategies than deep massage to a hurting muscle. And let me tell you, the brain is seriously the most amazing thing the human body has to offer. Making changes away from just “This muscles hurts. Massage this,” have a much longer lasting and deeper affect on the entirety of the body than I ever even knew possible.

My Goals

My biggest goal when working together is that you feel loved and supported, and you leave with tools you can use any time any where.

My overall goal is to help you feel better in your body. My approach to that has you at the forefront of your care. Teaching you how to take care of yourself goes way farther for both of us. Our brain is the control center for EVERYTHING.

We achieve these goals by looking as the body as a whole. We cannot compartmentalize each piece of the body. Having shoulder pain does not always mean that the shoulder is what is causing the pain and stopping at the surrounding structures is not always an effective way to deal with that issue. This is why my approach looks at the system as a whole, from muscular actions to eye movements. It all plays a role in how our body responds.

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