Lessons From the Most Unlikely Places

Yesterday, I found myself in the most unsuspecting rabbit hole. I started on a research binge rabbit hole on the newest Britney Spears news.

To catch you up to speed, Britney had her 13 year conservatorship removed 2 years ago. She was married to her 6 year boyfriend, Hesam, a little over a year ago. News surfaced that she and Sam are divorcing; this is where my rabbit hole started. I am not a super Britney fan, but for some reason this conservatorship, the #FreeBritney movement, and now news of her divorce had me intrigued.

I came across this one article as I was scrolling through hashtags on Instagram, and avoiding the task I had set out to do. The tile of the article. “Britney Spears loses her ‘support system’ amid divorce from Sam Asghari.” It stopped me in my tracks. She loses her support system?! Are there no people out there that care for this woman? Is there no one that is going to help her in her darkest moments for her and not for their own benefit? This woman has had her life broadcast to the word since she was 16 years old. There has to be someone there who loves her as she is when the social media and the paparazzi isn’t filming.

The lesson is we all deserve a support system. Love and support are basic human needs. Community and people we can engage with in our brightest and darkest moments are an integral part of the human experience. People who will stand by you and even challenge you in a loving way to be the best version of yourself. We all deserve to feel supported by someone even at our worst. There are people out there for have done very bad things and still have people who love them, and even they deserve that.

You have people around you who love you, care for you, and truly want to see you succeed. Keep those people close. Keep those relationships nurtured and healthy. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with people. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with new or newish people in your life. If someone can’t handle a side of you that is not all sunshine and rainbows, well you’ve just learned something great about that relationship. And love on others.

As for Britney, I truly hope she has a good support system. I also hope that she could have some privacy and be able to heal from what has been a whirlwind of 25 years of her life. She deserves to be able to heal without the public eye ever watching her every move.

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